Joseph Gunnar : The Benefits of Consulting a Broker-Dealer

The trusted professionals at Joseph Gunnar & Co. know that at any step of the way, investing can be overwhelming for experienced and inexperienced investors alike. It takes time to learn the systems and the lingo, and getting started on the right foot makes all the difference. Hiring a professional to assist you in your investment needs can be valuable for the following reasons:

  • An investment professional can help empower you to make the right decisions by condensing information in a way that is clear and understandable. The investment world can be mysterious and intimidating with a vast array of pathways, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Having someone to communicate strategies and ideas opens up your options in ways that you may not have considered previously.
  • Because of the shifting nature of the industry, it’s important to stay up to date and understand on a deeper level how your investments actually work. A broker-dealer will provide you with the most current products and information to maximize and streamline your opportunities.

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Joseph Gunnar : Investing While You’re Still Young

The professionals at Joseph Gunnar & Co. know that beginning to invest early can dictate future preparedness and happiness. While many young people believe that investment plans are only for those who have already advanced in their careers, it’s really never too soon to begin the habit of saving and growing your assets.

With the shaky state of pension plans and social security, thinking ahead for your own retirement is a must. Though it may not seem like much, saving what you can and beginning to think about where to put your money makes all the difference down the road. Many people make it into their fifties with no savings and no plan. This is financially catastrophic, and the younger you begin preparing and investing, the more secure your financial future will be.

Giving yourself as much time as possible for your wealth to accrue also allows you to maximize your options. Taking the time to educate yourself and learn your way around the system to make wise and informed decisions is crucial. Joseph Gunner & Co. knows that finding a broker-dealer with your best interests at heart can make all the difference. For more information, visit

Joseph Gunnar : An Introduction to Venture Capital

Joseph Alagna, the founder of Joseph Gunnar & Co., knows that it’s important for venture capitalists to keep an eye out for the next up-and-coming businesses that are going to be successful and impactful.

Venture capital specifically refers to funding that investors provide to new businesses that are looking to make the next big step. These new companies in search of funding have to prove that they are going to flourish in order to stand out from the competition, proving to be good candidates for investors.

The stakes are high for venture capital candidates. It’s important to do your research, talk to a professional about your options, and narrow down exactly which type of business category you fall into to ensure that venture capital makes sense in the context of your business growth strategies.

Building businesses that are unique and well-executed will attract the attention of investors. These businesses must be held to government regulations every step of the way and already have a plan in place to sell the business or service for a profit.

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Joseph Gunnar : A Variety of Investment Options for Beginners

Joseph Alagna of Joseph Gunnar & Co. is dedicated to ensuring that both private and commercial clients feel empowered to make the wisest investment options as early as possible. He knows that future wealth in many cases depends on the guidance and knowledge of advisors with your best interests at heart. Consider the following tips as you begin your investment journey:

  • Regardless of the state of your finances, begin investing right now. Do what you can with the resources you have available.
  • Find a firm with a long history of success. Make sure that you are in the right hands from the very beginning.
  • Decide what you want to achieve and create a long-term plan with your advisor. While many people may view investment as a quick way to grow your assets, long-term plans typically pay off.
  • Educate yourself. Brushing up on investment basics will help you feel prepared to make the best decisions for you or your company.

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Joseph Gunnar : Why Speak with a Financial Advisor?

Joseph Gunnar & Co. is a broker-dealer firm that offers services for corporate and private clients. Among their services is financial advisement.

At Joseph Gunnar & Co., the executive team has more than a century of combined experience. Such professionals possess insights and ideas that, when combined, allow the firm to effectively manage and build client wealth.

If you’ve never spoken with a financial advisor, reasons like those below might convince you to schedule your first consultation meeting:

  • Retirement

Regardless of how much your job pays or what age you are, you should be thinking about retirement to secure your funds for your later years.

  • Second Opinion

Even savvy financial professionals work with financial advisors for second opinions on investment options and planning, particularly during major life events like marriage, divorce, new employment, retirement and inheritances.

Remember: Contacting a financial advisor from a firm like Joseph Gunnar & Co. doesn’t commit you to anything, but it could open to doors to financial security and freedom for life.


Joseph Gunnar : What to Look for in a Broker-Dealer

Joseph Gunnar & Co. is a full-service broker-dealer that was established in 1997 by Joseph Alagna. It has helped countless private and commercial clients meet their financial goals and manage their wealth with a variety of financial products and vehicles.

If you’re looking for a broker-dealer like Joseph Gunnar & Co. to help meet your personal or professional financial goals, the points below might help you find the right one:

  • History

Check the broker-dealer’s history for material facts that you should be aware of. You can investigate complaints filed against a firm using services like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority BrokerCheck system.

  • Communication

When you speak with the broker-dealer, look for clear communication on both ends. You want a professional who listens to you and understands what you are saying, as well as one to whom you are inspired to listen.

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